Stop Smoking

Can you imagine taking on the identity of a non-smoker?

Can you imagine yourself actually saying ‘I am a non-smoker’?

If you can then read on...

With all of the bad press given to smoking in recent years, what with pictures of diseased organs on cigarette packets, banning it from public places, and more recently keeping cigarettes locked from view behind the counter in supermarkets, the message is slowly getting across that it is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!! It kills, it harms your baby whilst pregnant and is generally bad for everyone around you.

Stop Smoking

It is also argued that it’s pretty bad for your taste buds, and ensures that you will always smell pretty bad to the non-smoker. I once heard a non-smoker describe the sensation of kissing a smoker as being very similar to that of ‘licking an ashtray’ (no joke, although I was left wondering how she knew this).

"If I was a cigarette, I would have serious self-esteem issues by now. But that’s beside the point".

Anyway, so most of what I have just written you have probably heard before. And so now the key question.

Are YOU 100% committed to giving up smoking? If the answer is yes again, then breathe again and move on.

I offer a two session stop smoking package that involves the use of hypnosis, CBT and completing tasks between sessions. I occasionally advise or suggest a follow up session after a month if I feel reinforcement of the interventions is necessary.

There is much advertised about hypnotherapists who can offer a 95% success rate for stopping smoking, but telling it like it is now, such claims are largely unfounded. If I got you to stop smoking for a day I could claim that as a ‘success’ right? However, a real success would be if you were still a non-smoker after a year, or after two years or even TEN YEARS!! Sadly this kind of data is difficult to acquire as we can never really know whether our client’s decide to start up again after a few months or a year (although be warned, I will be watching you!)

The true success though, does indeed rest in the abstention rate - that is, how long you successfully stop for.

With everything I have just said in mind, what I do not do is quote a cure rate. However, what I do offer is my commitment to the cause (fuelled largely by my ex-smoker now non- smoker new lease of life passion), and assurance that I will be with you every step of the way for support.

You can be confident that I will unleash every tool in my arsenal to help you kick the habit!

If you are 100% committed to the process you will stop smoking.

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