Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety can take many forms which are of course dependent upon what it is that we are ‘performing at’. Whether it is sports performance, performance on stage or even simply making a speech to a room full of people hypnotherapy provides some very practical tools to help overcome this form of anxiety.

I spent many years as a performer in some capacity either in bands or as a solo artist and even as a magician. I was also fortunate enough to go through the whole best man experience - preparing the speech, worrying about delivering it and so on. I have therefore had my fair share of stage fright experiences! I can remember once at a gig I was shaking so much and my breathing was so erratic that I simply could not hit the notes when I sang and instead I just sang most of my set out of key. Performance Anxiety

Now I admit that at the time this hit me very badly. Sure enough I thought about giving up there and then. But WAIT! Hang on! I could sing when I was at home or in front of a few friends. The issue was simply down to me being unable to control my nerves in a different environment and this was something I needed to learn to manage

And so I persisted. I practiced managing my stage nerves until eventually I overcame them and they instead became a tool that I used in my performances, feeding my passion for doing the thing that I loved.

Anyway, without going too far off track there are some things that had I known back then may have made my transition from ‘nervous wreck’ to ‘calm and in control performer’ a lot smoother and a lot faster.

It matters not, because I can now pass this knowledge on to you combined with my own personal experience as part of a hypnotherapy treatment programme tailored to your individual performance needs. Whether you are stage performer, a public speaker, a best man or even if you just need to build your confidence when it comes to talking in meetings, call me to learn how hypnotherapy can help you today!

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