Pain Management

Pain: It’s a rather simple word for quite a complex thing isn’t it?

Pain Management

Pain is for the most part incredibly subjective. This means that each person has their very own individual experience of it and it is highly unlikely that two people will experience the exact same pain the exact same way.

Then we have the different ingredients of pain to consider, such as the effects of anticipation, fear, the physical sensation and the psychological and emotional impacts of that pain.

All of these factors will have an impact on your own individual experience of pain.

Hypnotherapy is very well evidenced indeed in producing highly effective results in pain management. I know of individuals personally who have used only hypnosis (no anaesthetic) to have up to four teeth removed!!

A pain management hypnotherapy programme with me will likely need between 4-6 sessions depending upon your individual needs. This is because we will need to spend some time getting to know your pain, and more importantly YOUR EXPERIENCE of it.

I must stress though that pain is our bodies way of letting us know that something is wrong. So please before you come see me, visit your GP for a medical check-up.

I will also need to get in contact with your GP personally to make them aware that I will be working with you. We do not want to alter your perception of pain if that pain is there to tell you something inside needs fixing!!!

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