Guilt is a highly underrated and yet highly destructive emotion that can have serious implications for a person’s mental health. It can involve a vicious cycle of anxiety, shame, anger and self-loathing all of which only serve to enhance the feelings of the initial guilt.


Now let us be honest, as humans we DO make mistakes and occasionally feeling guilty for them is natural and in some respects is perfectly healthy. If we never felt guilty about anything ever then just think what the world would be like!! Nobody would ever learn from their mistakes and the world would be quite a cold hearted place to live in. Without a conscience, people could lie, cheat, steal, and just do damn right horrendous things and never feel any remorse. So then, some guilt is certainly a good thing.

However guilt can become debilitating, unhealthy and destructive if it is left to fester for too long. It can take on the role of an internal wrecking ball, causing us to gradually decline in our wellbeing and potentially lead to other issues such as anxiety disorders or depression.

A single session with me is all that is generally needed to clear out those guilty feelings and gain the strength to move on with your life in a healthy and productive way. However, if the guilt you are experiencing is part of a wider issue then of course more sessions may well be appropriate.

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