It is quite common for people to equate self-confidence as being the same thing as self- esteem. However, these are actually two different concepts.


Self-esteem represents the overall value and positive regard that we place upon ourselves, whereas self-confidence is more representative of how competent we feel in our abilities to carry out a specific task. In this respect, self-confidence can be seen has having many different facets our feelings about them may vary. By this I mean, that whereas I personally feel confident enough to pick up my guitar and sing to a room full of people, I do not feel confident enough to be the first person on the dance floor at a party!! So, in essence, we can be confident at some things, and not so confident at others!!

Self-esteem is extremely important because it is at the very core of who we are, and undoubtedly it links strongly with self-confidence in that a person with no self-esteem is likely to feel that they are no good at anything!!

Also though, a person with high self-esteem will actually be more accepting of the fact that they are not as good at some tasks as others!!

Ask yourself the following questions...

  • Do you sometimes boast without even being aware that you are doing it?
  • Do you unwittingly ‘fish’ for compliments?
  • Whilst in conversation with others do you spend most of it talking about your own personal achievements?
  • Do you spend a lot of your time wanting to impress others?

Strangely enough, although these are the actions of what might be considered a ‘confident’ person, they are in fact the signals given off by a person with low self-esteem.

If you have issues regarding either self-confidence or self-esteem then I can teach you some very powerful techniques using cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy and NLP that will help you love yourself, be good to yourself and positively accept who you are.

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