Anger Management

Is your anger destructive to your life and to others around you?

Do you "see red" easily and more often than you would like to?

Do you "fly off the handle" over trivial things or lose control?

Anger Management

Hypnotherapy CAN help YOU.

It is perfectly normal to feel angry from time to time. In fact it is a natural human emotion which in some contexts can be useful... for example it may be a powerful motivator in the completing of a task or addressing and resolving a particular issue. It is not the emotion itself that is the problem but rather it is the way it is expressed. When we 'lose control' anger can be unproductive, destructive and may often cause misery for ourselves and for those around us. However, it does not have to be like this and we can actually express anger in a healthy and productive way. In fact - research shows that a healthy expression of anger can actually benefit relationships far more than simply bottling things up or just exploding in an uncontrolled manner.

The classic paradox is that as anger increases, thinking decreases. This means that we essentially lose the ability to be objective and to empathise with those around us. Rationality simply goes out of the window. In our early ancestors anger may have been a useful emotion when threats to survival presented themselves - as too much 'thinking' would likely have slowed down any fight or flight responses making us more vulnerable. This may explain why our thinking processes appear to completely disengage as our anger builds

With hypnotherapy YOU CAN take back control and manage your anger effectively.

There are various types of anger and each will interact differently with your own personal psychological characteristics and life experiences. Therefore I will tailor an anger management plan to YOUR individual needs, teaching you valuable skills and techniques to ensure you can express your anger in a healthy way. If you take anything at all from this page - please let it be that bottling anger up is NOT the way to manage it and equally a good old 'vent' can be just as destructive!

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