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After our initial contact I will begin with a thorough assessment of your presenting issue which will require you to fill out a questionnaire and return it to me prior to your first booked session. Depending on your issue I may also ask you to carry out some symptom recording during the time leading up to our first session.

Sessions and Fees

Hypnotherapy is a relatively fast treatment and with your commitment to it you are likely to experience noticeable differences very early on in treatment.

Please do be on time for sessions and give me at least 24 hours’ notice should you need to cancel. Commitment to your therapy is vital in ensuring you get maximum benefits.

I do accept Paypal and you might prefer to pay through the links below.

Four sessions

Saving of £40.00!

4 x 75 minute session

Two sessions

Saving of £10.00!

2 x 75 minute sessions

Single sessions


1 x 75 minute session

Mind Massage


30 minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation

Please note that it is difficult to state here how many sessions an issue might require as it is all down to individual circumstances. For example, a simple phobia can be treated successfully in a single session, but for a more intense deep rooted phobia it could take up to four sessions. My experience dictates that the average is two. For issues such as depression and weight loss I advise approximately 4 - 6 sessions.

Sometimes issues might be intricately linked together and therefore may be more complex than their presenting symptoms. For example, it is possible that high stress levels may increase the amount of cigarettes you smoke and would therefore need to be considered in any smoking cessation programme to ensure maximum chances of success!!

Similarly, stress, anxiety and depression can be intricately linked and affective on each other. A few questions within the consultation should determine this and our best path forward. I will not use the same treatment template for every person and so your honesty with me during the consultation and following questionnaire is essential.

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