My Approach

I apply powerful evidence based techniques set inside the framework of my very own contemporary brand of hypnotherapy. I do not believe in simply using standardized scripts as everybody is unique and therefore require a unique approach. You can therefore expect an injection of flare, humour, and creativity as we tailor a plan to your individual needs.

Therapy with me will always be collaborative; meaning we work as a team to achieve results. Your feedback to me as we progress is highly important and I actively encourage you to ask me questions and to feel confident enough to let me know if you feel something is not quite working for you.

Before we have our first session together I will require you to fill in a questionnaire about you and the changes that you wish to make. This will help save us valuable session time and give me a head start in understanding you and of course plotting and preparing for our first session.

My Approach

It is important that you engage in the process as much as possible and do not expect therapy to be ‘done’ to you whilst you passively sit there having a nice nap. There is an air of magic and mystery about hypnosis that often leads to the misconception that we hypnotherapists can just ‘zap you better’. Whereas it is understandable that hypnotherapy can often be perceived as ‘magical’ because of its sometimes spectacular results in a short space of time compared to other therapies, please understand that producing the ‘magic’ still requires a team effort. Our sessions will always be progressive, thought provoking, interesting and geared towards moving you forward to make positive changes in your life. After each session ends I will provide you with tasks to build upon and reinforce the work we have carried out and to prepare you for next time. These tasks will often be fun and interesting and will always be something we agree upon based upon your lifestyle and needs. In addition, the tasks set will be an important part of the process and completing them is strongly advised should you wish to gain maximum benefit out of hypnotherapy with me.

If you are a phobic or socially anxious client we may consider conducting sessions in places where we can actively work on your phobia in real life conditions – but this would only be after a good level of preparatory work and only with your consent.

Therapy with me does not just start at the beginning of a session and finish when it ends. If you are my client for 6 weeks, then that is all inclusive – meaning you can expect continued support throughout over email and over the phone at pre-agreed times. Because I adopt this approach it does mean that I limit the amount of clients I work with at any one time to ensure the highest quality service possible. In the event that you have a short wait before therapy commences I will ask you to use that time to complete various assessment tools to be returned to me to aid our work.

Please note that my consulting room is upstairs and so it is strongly advised that you let me know beforehand if you have any mobility issues.

Although I am serious, professional and extremely sensitive in my approach, I do have a tendency to let my personality and sense of humour shine through in my practice. I believe that this is important but I accept that this approach is not for everyone. Please ensure that you read through my website thoroughly before deciding that I am the right therapist for you.

Skype sessions are possible if you live further afield. Please contact me for further details of this

To book your FREE 30 minutes assessment consultation please contact me.
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