About Hypnotherapy

What does hypnosis feel like?

Most people report feeling very relaxed and this can lead to the experiencing of various changes in bodily sensations – for example, limbs feeling heavier or lighter. However it is not always about relaxation – it is about the focusing of attention, and this can be done whilst running just as well as sitting in a comfy chair. Fear not though, this does not mean you sessions will be conducted on a treadmill. Unless of course we decide it might be worthwhile!!

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis maintains a sense of deep inner focus whilst being wonderfully relaxed. For most people it is a very positive experience indeed as it provides the opportunity to not only relax and escape the demands of everyday life, but also to become extremely aware of our inner selves. How often do we take the time out of our day to really explore our feelings, or to realise why we behave in certain ways? This experience alone is extremely therapeutic.

The stillness and calmness you can experience in hypnosis can be both enlightening and invigorating. In today's fast moving life it is a level of calm that is a rarity to experience for many people.

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