About Hypnotherapy

How can hypnotherapy help me?

The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that it is a relatively fast working therapy in comparison to other counselling techniques. A majority of issues can be resolved within six sessions and positive effects can be experienced from the very session.

In recent years more and more evidence is being presented to showcase the benefits of hypnotherapy. There has been much in the media about its effectiveness with stress, anxiety, phobias, stopping smoking, weight loss and habit removal. There is a wealth of documented evidence that support its usefulness in these and many other issues. A huge part of the process is providing you with a clear insight into the workings of your presenting issue and then setting goals and creating a plan to help you take those steps forward to make the positive changes that you want for yourself. Using hypnosis, we will apply interventions specifically tailored to your needs that set in motion the wheels of change. As the sessions progress these wheels will grow bigger and move faster until you reach your destination: the finish line.

Hypnotherapy can indeed bring about profound change in your life by installing new ways of thinking and behaving. In essence, we are rewiring the maladaptive patterns in your mind that have for so long prevented you from living the life that you want to live.

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