About Hypnotherapy

Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Evidence shows that hypnosis and CBT are incredibly complementary to each other. In fact, recent research has shown that Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy is more effective in 70% of cases than just using CBT alone. Furthermore, hypnotherapy is a well-established approach to psychotherapy that offers results within an arguably shorter time span than many other psychological therapies.

This is the approach I subscribe to and one which I truly believe to be the most powerful and the most likely to achieve successful outcomes. This does not mean that all other approaches are ruled out when you work with me –indeed there may be times when we need to borrow techniques from other schools of therapy if it feels appropriate for your unique situation. However, please note that I only engage in evidence-based practice. This is for your benefit as a client who naturally wants to see results; and for my benefit as I wish to maintain my credibility as a hypnotherapist.

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